Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura be able to convince Omkar that Nayan isn’t related to Mayura

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The daily soap Pinjara has been going through ups and downs, while sometimes Omkar is winning and other times Mayura turns the game in her favor.

In the previous episode Mayura thanks Shankar for saving her from going away from Tara. Shankar tells they need to do something before Omkar’s men forcibly enters Mayura’s house and take her to secluded godown and tie her on chair. Omkar comes there and asks why they have tied her and opens her rope. They have argument and Omkar tries to trap Mayura to say the truth using her family members.

However Mayura starts acting ill. Omkar asks her to stop acting and sees dark color on her wrist. But before he could say anything she attacks Omkar and acts hysterically. Omkar calls a doctor and asks her to check Mayura’s condition. Doctor confirms that Mayura is going through mental distress and she gives her a sleeping injection.

Omkar calls Manjari and informs her that Mayura is sick and cannot plan anything against them. Manjari tells Omkar that Nayan had fever so she sent her home. Omkar comes to Nisha’s house to check on Nayan but gets shocked to see she is actually sick. Nayan is about to leave when Megha comes there and blackmail her. Tara shows a drawing to Omkar and says its Nayan and Nanaji.

In the upcoming episodes it will be interesting to see who will win this constantly changing game. If Mayura gets successful in taking her daughter away or Omkar keeps her tied in his obsession forever.

Will Omkar connect the dots between Nayan and Mayura?

Will Mayura be able to take Tara away in 1 week?

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