Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura be able to keep Omkar away from Tara?

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The daily popular soap Pinjara is being loved by audience with its new twists, however it would be interesting to see how long Mayura will have an upper hand in this game!

In the previous episode Omkar told Vishakha that she gave him a small electric shock and in return he burnt her office, if she doesn’t tell him where Mayura is, he will burn everything into ashes. Mayura came there and had a war of words with Omkar. Mayura felt guilty of separating a daughter from her father. Omkar talked to Tara on call and asked where is she but before she could say anything, call got disconnected.

Mayura told Omkar if he can realize what she had gone through in the past five years, when she couldn’t meet her daughter. Flashbacks were shown of how Omkar kept Tara away from Mayura. D.I.G. called Omkar and warned him about threats he has given to Mayura and Vishakha. Still Omkar instructed his men to captivate Mayura and Vishakha, however they escaped from him. Mayura was doing preparations to go and meet Tara, however Vishakha came and stopped her. She informed that Omkar had been waiting outside their house with a special guest.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Mayura will encounter Omkar’s new tricks. As Omkar is well aware of Mayura’s weakness, will he be using it against her? It will be interesting to find out how Mayura will win against all odds for her daughter.

Whom has Omkar brought with him?

Will Omkar play dirty games again to destroy Mayura and Vishakha?

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