Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura be able to run away in time?

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The popular tv show Pinjara has garnered attention of audience with their constantly fluctuating storyline which doesnt let the viewers feel monotonous. It will be interesting to see who wins the race this time.

In previous episode Mayura decides not to tell her family about Megha’s blackmail. Omkar collides with her while she is reading Megha’s text and phone falls down. Omkar’s men come there and he tells them that yesterday Mayura didn’t say anything so they should pick up her family members.

Mayura tells Shankar that she needs to go to house asap. Nayan breaks Tara’s medicine bottle and insists on going to hospital and buying the medicine herself .Omkar follows her but sees Nayan going to pharmacy. Mayura recalls how while picking up goodness photo she saw reflection of Omkar’s car in it.

Manjari shows everyone how Tara drew moustache on her face. Manjari sulks so Tara says she will draw moustache on herself too. But Omkar stops her. Tara tells Omkar he always keeps scolding her and gets upset with him. Mayura doesn’t lose against Megha’s blackmailing. Shankar helps Mayura to go to meet Dr Khanna who explains his plan to Mayura . While Omkar gets call from his worker who informs him everything is fine at factory. The news of hospital is being shown but Omkar misses to see Mayura in it.

In the upcoming episodes we will see if Omkar will connect all the links and find the truth or on other hand, Mayura gets successful in taking Tara away!

Will Megha become an obstacle in Mayura’s plan?

Who will win, Mother’s love or Father’s obsession?

To know more stay tuned to Pinjara on colours tv and voot app.