Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura be able to save Omkar from jail?

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Colors tv show Pinjara is witnessing another turmoil in Mayura’s life as Mahesh plans to harm Omkar using Mayura’s name. While this will increase the distance between Omkar and Mayura, on other hand Vishakha is close to finding Omkar too. How will Omkar and Mayura meet amidst all the chaos?

In the previous episode Sachin confronted Mayura for standing against him. Omkar also came there. Sachin’s men snatched sword from Mayura and attacked Omkar. But Mayura came in between. Omkar got hyper seeing Mayura hurt and started beating them up. Sachin dragged Mayura back to home. Omkar found some pics of Jabalpur, Sangemarmar Sartaj and Goddess Narmada in envelope kept by Mayura . He got flashback of past birth.

Omkar went to meet Mayura and told he doesn’t believe in her story . He saw her injury from sword and got worried about it. Mahesh and Sachin entered Mayura’s room and asked Omkar what is he doing there. Mahesh promised Mayura not to hurt Omkar. Mahesh alleged Omkar of attacking on Mayura and asked police to arrest him. Omkar denies the allegations but police doesn’t listen to him. At police station Omkar tried to explain his situation but policeman showed him a statement paper and told its given by Mayura helplessly cried in her room as it was locked from outside and she couldn’t go to help Omkar.

Who will save Omkar from this trap?

Will Omkar hate Mayura more after this incident?

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