Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura be able to win this new battle with Vishakha’s help?

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The popular TV serial Pinjara has been facing constant changes in the storyline and now with entry of Vishakha who seems to give Mayura a new life and win against Omkar, it will be interesting to see what will be Omkar’s next step!

In the last episode we had seen Mayura felt relaxed seeing her family members safe. Vishakha stopped her from contacting her family and made her realize she needs to fight against Omkar in a new manner. Omkar faked innocence in front of media and blamed Mayura to have kidnapped his daughter.

Mayura agreed to do whatever Vishakha says. Omkar had tracked the whereabouts of car in which Mayura and Tara had gone. Vishakha didn’t let Mayura spend time with Tara but rather made her vigorously do training. Tara requested Mayura to return back home and let asked her to let her talk to Omkar and Manjari.

Mayura made some excuses to avoid it but Tara found Mayura’s phone and ended up calling Omkar. But Vishakha stopped her before she could tell Omkar anything. Mayura sent Tara to boarding school. Vishakha explained her plans to Mayura and said to destroy Omkar financially is there first target.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Mayura in a new look and scar on her face will be hidden. Vishakha asks her to use her beauty as a cage for Omkar. Omkar will meet police and get shocked to know something.

Will this new change in Mayura make her win against Omkar?

Will Omkar come up with new plans to destroy Mayura?

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