Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura get successful in staying closer to Tara?

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The popular daily show, Pinjara has one again made the viewers wait and curious about what’s happening next. With Tara knowing the truth of her pari ma being her mother, what new plan will Omkar play against Mayura?

In the previous episode we had seen that Mayura overheard Omkar and Megha’s conversation. She taunted Megha for sacrificing her sister’s happiness for little amount of money. Mayura asked Omkar how could he do all this. Omkar asked her to stay away from Tara. Mayura and Omkar challenged each other.

At Mayura’s home, Sanjay asked Mayura for forgiveness. Ashutosh wanted to talk to Megha, but Mayura stopped him. Tara was sitting with Mayura’s photo, Omkar entered the room with food so she quickly hid the photo. Omkar got shocked to see Mayura’s photo and forcefully snatched it away.

Tara saw a shooting star and wished for her to get her pari maa to come back. Mayura came to Omkar’s place with media and social welfare people. Tara got shocked to know her pari ma is her real mother. Omkar told Mayura he will take Tara back no matter what. However Manjari tried to influence media by talking about Mayura’s mental state.

In the upcoming episode we will see Mayura playing her final move against Omkar. It will be amusing to see if Omkar can stop Mayura from getting closer to Tara or Mayura’s love and determination will finally make her win against Omkar.

What will be that final move of Mayura which will determine her win or defeat?

Will Tara accept Mayura as her mother or get trapped in Omkar’s false words again?

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