Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Mayura’s trust break again?

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Popular daily soap Pinjara is once again witnessing high voltage drama as Vishakha is scared by Omkar’s tricks. How will she counter attack Omkar?

In the previous episode Omkar prayed to Goddess and burnt his palm as he felt guilty of pain Mayura had to go through because of him. Omkar gave Vishakha two options either to reveal her truth to Mayura or wait for Omkar’s next attack. Vishakha threatened him about Tara’s safety. Vishakha told Mayura Omkar is hiding behind the curtains, Mayura checked but no one was there. Vishakha shouts at her and tells her to leave. Vishakha saw Vishal’s shadow
and another shadow with knife coming towards it.

Vishakha came to terrace and saw Mayura holding diya in her hand but she attacked her saying she is one who wanted to kill her brother with the dagger. Omkar saved Mayura. Mayura decided to send her for treatment. Mayura asked Omkar if he knew Vishakha from before as she said about him snatching her everything again. But he denies. Mayura realized Vishakha didnt help her for her problems but for personal reasons. Omkar and Mayura shared emotional moments and Mayura wished that Omkar would not break her trust anymore.

In the upcoming episode we will if Vishakha has actually become sick or is acting to plot against Omkar and expose him infront of Mayura. While Omkar is thinking he has won against Vishakha already, will he have to face another defeat from her soon?

Will Mayura understand why Omkar had to lie to her?

Will Omkar lose Mayura again?

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