Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Omkar and Mayura get successful in their plan?

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Colors tv popular show Pinjara is being loved by audience as Omkar and Mayura have united once again against Raghav to stop his evil games.

In the previous episode Omkar told Mayura about how it was Raghav who hurt Manjiri and Shankar. Mayura was shocked. Raghav was shown hearing all their conversations, he had placed microphones everyone in the house. Vishakha called Raghav and threatened him to remove Omkar from their lives within 3 days or else she will hurt his Mayura.

While Mayura searched Raghav’s room to find some evidence, Omkar tried to deviate him. Mayura quickly hid and then Omkar signalled her to leave. Raghav felt suspicious and played recorder to overhear,he heard that Mayura told Omkar they couldn’t find anything at Raghav’s room. Mayura found her hanging on terrace railing. Later Omkar questioned Raghav about the same.

Manjiri told Mayura she wants to do havan to remove bad eye from their family. Raghav overheard it and plans something. Manjiri told she will go to bring havan kund, but Mayura told she will bring it. Raghav got shocked to see that Mayura went to store room instead of Manjiri. Omkar and Raghav broke the door and found it full of smoke. Mayura came out coughing and got angry at Raghav.

Mayura and Omkar recalled how they planned everything. When Raghav attacked Megha, everything was recorded. Raghav’s evil plan of trying to hurt Manjiri in store room was also recorded and seen by them. Mayura recalled how she wore mask, and carefully entered the room to avoid getting shock or major injury. Omkar told now they have enough evidences against Raghav and soon they will find who is one helping him with everything.

Will Omkar and Mayura’s love defeat Raghav and Vishakha’s bad intentions?

Will Raghav use Tara against Omkar?

To know more stay tuned to further episode of Pinjara on colors tv and voot app.