Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Omkar get successful in his plan to keep Tara away from Mayura?

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The popular daily soap Pinjara has taken another interesting turn as Omkar joins hands with Megha to defeat Mayura. It will be amusing to see how Mayura will turn the table to get back closer to her daughter.

In the current episode viewers are watching that, Mayura tells Shankar she needs to leave immediately. Megha comes to home and acts innocent. Mayura charges Megha of kidnapping Tara however Megha keeps denying it. Shankar calls Mayura and informs her that Omkar has gone to Nisha’s home.

Nayan tells Omkar that he has some misunderstanding and she has not done anything. Omkar says the location of kidnapper was tracked by police and it was her house. Nayan begs police and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. When she hears Nisha’s parent’s scream she ends up telling the truth that she is Mayura.

Someone brings unconscious Tara to Mayura’s house. Mayura gets call from Ashutosh who says Tara is at their home. Mayura along with Omkar and police come to his house. Tara gets happy to see Omkar and Pari Maa. Omkar says Mayura is mentally unwell and asks her to stay away from Tara. Omkar’s lawyer brings notice from court for Mayura which states she should stay away from Tara. Mayura sees Megha and Omkar talking about how they plotted everything against her.

In the upcoming episodes it will be interesting to see, how Mayura will prove her innocence in eyes of law and will get back closer to her daughter?

Do Omkar will take Tara away from Mayura once again? How will Mayura expose Megha’s dirty plans infront of her family?

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