Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Omkar gets arrested again?

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Daily popular show Pinjara is getting more interesting with new faces joining the show, now with Raghav’s entry in Mayura and Omkar ‘ s life, what new turns will their lives take?

In the previous episode Vishakha picked up a flower vase and threw it at Omkar but he gets saved. Sanjay and Shankar also reached there with police and saw them on terrace . Megha told Omkar not to take law in his hands, Mayura also tried to calm him down. Omkar lost his temper and picked up a brick. Mayura also reached bungalow and started finding Omkar and Vishakha. Sanjay saw Omkar dragging a sack.

When Omkar turned he has a blood stained brick in his hand. Omkar said he was following Vishakha and then she provoked him but he doesn’t remember anything after that. Police said they need to take him to police station for inquiry. Mayura stopped them and told them to find Vishakha first. Omkar ran away from police station but comes infront ACP Raghav Shastri’s car.

Omkar took his gun. Raghav beat Omkar and made the gun fall down. Raghav ties Omkar’s wrist to his car’s steering wheel. Raghav got shocked seeing Mayura and called her Ms. She said she is Mrs Mayura Shukla. Raghav again addresses her as Ms., so Omkar told she is Mrs Mayura Omkar Shukla. Mayura thinks she has seen Raghav before.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Raghav’s presence brings new dimension in this love hate story of Mayura and Omkar. Where did Vishakha go?

How will Mayura save Omkar from false allegations?
Does Raghav has some connection with Mayura?

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