Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Omkar understand Mayura’s game?

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Colors tv show Pinjara is witnessing high voltage drama as Mayura plans to trap Omkar in her love. Will this bring them closer?

In the previous episode Omkar and Mayura stole glances at each other. Omkar called Naina, she saw Mayura and hoped she doesn’t snatch Omkar from her. Principal rewarded Omkar with cash prize and called him on stage. He asked Omkar to give speech.
Omkar got bored at party. Yeh Pagalpan Hai played and Omkar pulled Mayura on dance floor and they danced. Omkar got shocked as why he danced like that, he said sorry to Mayura and left.

Omkar heard Mayura shouting for help. Omkar badly beat up the goons. Mayura got pushed and injured on head. Mayura faints and Omkar hugged her saying he cannot lose her again. Omkar quickly wrapped his handkerchief on her head and hugged her.

Ishan made Mayura sit. Principal and all the students gathered . Ishan badmouth Omkar and said girls in college will not be safe if he studies here.

Mayura told principal that Omkar saved her from goons. Principal appreciated Omkar and everyone clapped for him. Mayura kissed Omkar on his cheeks and said thank you. Everyone was in daze. Mayura thought she will trap Omkar in prison of her love while Omkar wondered what was going on in Mayura’s head.

Will Mayura be able to make Omkar believe that she has changed?
Will Omkar realize Mayura’s plan before its too late?

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