Pinjara: Will Omkar tell Mayura about his past deeds?

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In the popular TV show Pinjara, viewers are enjoying the refreshing chemistry between Omkar and Mayura, but again it would be amusing to watch how Mayura will react after knowing about past.

Previously, Mayura applied cream to Omkar’s burn and told him she is also a doctor. Mayura tells him he could have got a scar for lifetime, he says it’s fine as outer marks doesn’t matter. Neel comes there and tells Mayura she needs to do some formalities and then she can get discharged. Neel informs Omkar that his CT Scan reports have shown some internal injuries and he needs to stay at hospital. Omkar wishes to stop Mayura.

At Mayura’s home, Ashwaria sees Mayura’s picture with garland. She gets happy.

Omkar prays to Lord Ganesha to stop Mayura from going away.Nisha comes and informs them that Megha is sick and Ashutosh has asked Mayura to stay back in hospital for few days. Neel asks Mayura to start her homeopathy practice in the hospital.Ashwaria comes and starts shouting in the hospital. Neel comes and scolds Ashwaria to keep her volume low. Mayura scolds Omkar for holding her too close, but she again falls into his arms.

In the upcoming episodes we will see
Mayura praising Omkar for being a good human being and not feeling disgusted at her scar, for not judging her by looks. Omkar cries badly and will says he gave her the mark.

Will Omkar really tell Mayura about the past?

Will Mayura and Omkar be able to start afresh?

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