Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 10th June 2021 Written Update: Raghav comes to stay at Omkar’s home.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav telling Mayura he had seen everything on spot so he really wanted to help. He tries to make her fool again. Omkar and Mayura talk about the circumstance and Mayura shows the piece which she picked up. earlier. They hope to find some clue using it. Vishakha is sitting and suddenly realizes a piece of her bracelet is broken. She wonders when did she lose it. Mayura hopes Raghav doesn’t give any statement which would make Omkar stay in jail. Omkar tells her he wouldn’t have come there if he wanted to do that and he is planning something else.

Megha tells them that Omkar has got bail and everyone gets happy. But she says there is a condition. Raghav comes there and tells her not to say further. Mayura asks Megha to tell, she explains that Raghav will stay with Omkar and keep an eye on him. Omkar tells its better to stay in jail than accepting this condition. Raghav says even he doesn’t like this and tells all this is his senior’s instructions and he ain’t involved in it. He tells them to ask Megha if they don’t trust him. Mayura tells she is ready to accept the condition. She tells Omkar he will be more safe at home with everyone.

Mayura tells Raghav to accept the condition or she will think he doesn’t want to help Omkar and was just acting. Raghav agrees to go. At home, Omkar tells them its wrong decision to bring Raghav at home. Mayura makes him realize that if Raghav is around they can know about his next move. She consoles and ensures Omkar that their unity against Raghav will make them win. She holds Omkar’s hand and then all family members place their hands on them. Omkar feels a bit better and says may be this is better. Raghav comes there and spoils the moment. Mayura asks Sanjay to show Raghav his room. Manjiri tells they will all eat dinner together.

Omkar freshens up and opens his cupboard to take clothes, he is shocked to see only his clothes are there. Mayura comes and he asks why her clothes are not there and if she wont stay with him. Mayura tells him she wants them to start afresh but she is afraid. Omkar asks if she is afraid of him but she denies and tells she is afraid of their destiny. The way they separate everytime before coming closer. Omkar promises this time he won’t let anyone separate them. Mayura tells they have to be more cautious as now they have Tara too. They go and eat dinner together and whole family shares light moments.

Raghav comes there and tells he will take his dinner to his room. He sits in his room and smirks doing countdown. Suddenly Manjiri faints and everyone gets worried. Raghav recalls mixing something in Manjiri’s glass of water. Mayura brings back Manjiri from hospital and tells Omkar Shankar is bringing medicines. Suddenly they hear his screams. Branch from tree had fallen on Shankar and hurt him badly. Omkar sees Raghav’s reflection. He goes to meet Raghav and ask about it. Raghav tells he is responsible for Manjiri’s condition too. He tries to instigate Omkar more and shows him his family pictures which had put on board. Episode ends with angry Omkar.

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