Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 14th June 2021 Written Update: Mayura learns about Raghav’s intentions.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar and Mayura performing pooja in front of havan. Manjari asks Omkar to give kawach to Mayura and he does. They both share an eyelock. Omkar then fills her forehead with sindoor. Raghav fumes watching it. Pandit gives holy water to Manjari to sprinkle it around house. Manjari is about to go when she notices Raghav. She asks him to come close and sprinkles the Holy water on him stating that the evil eyes gets destroyed.

Raghav leaves fuming. Omkar and Mayura comes to their room and switches off the recorder. They both stare a moment. Omkar hugs Mayura. Megha comes there saying that she’s going to visit the judge to provide the evidence. Mayura offers to accompany her and Megha agrees. She leaves while Omkar asks Mayura to take care. Mayura assures to be safe. While leaving her shawl gets stuck on his watch. They both gets emotional.

Mayura and Megha comes out when Pandey came in search of Raghav with his ID card. Mayura says that he’s busy and asks him to give it to her and she’ll pass it to him. He thinks for a while but then gets a call. He leaves giving the card to Mayura. Mayura says Megha that she’s going to visit the address in the ID card and asks her to go and meet the judge. Megha gets worried for Mayura’s safety and asks her to take Sanjay’s help. Mayura says that she don’t want to pull others in trouble and asks her to drop her on her way. Megha agrees and they both leave in their car.

Manjari is scolding the servant regarding the fire when Omkar comes there. Omkar and Manjari shares some emotional moment along with Shankar. The servant drops few trash boxes and Manjari scolds him. Omkar notices Vishaka’s photo among the trash and picks it. He sees the bracelet in her hand and recalls finding the piece. He gets suspicious. Megha drops Mayura and apologizes for her early behaviour. She says that she has very big heart and promises to stand by her side in the future. Mayura states that she’s the best sister and wishes to have her as her sister in all her birth. They both hug and confesses their love towards each other.

On the other hand, Omkar shares with Sanjay about the bracelet. He wants to go out but Sanjay reminds him of tracker and Raghav could chase him. Suddenly the tracker falls down and Omkar gets an idea. He keeps the tracker in his room to fool Raghav and switches on the recorder. He acts like speaking with Megha and lies that they have proof against Raghav to arrest him. Raghav hears it and rushes out.4

 Omkar and Sanjay notices it and Omkar starts searching for clue. Mayura reaches the home and finds it locked. She finds the keys under the plant pot and opens it. Omkar too finds the bracelet in Raghav’s room and understands that Vishakha is alive. Mayura gets shocked seeing her paintings filled in the room. She calls Omkar and says that she has something important to say to him but the call cuts in middle. She is about to leave when Raghav comes there.

 Mayura confronts Raghav about his intentions when Raghav reveals that he’s obsessed with her. He also says about finding out their plan. He says she belongs to him. Mayura shouts that she only belongs to Omkar in all her births and also says that she has a daughter. Raghav says that he doesn’t care.

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