Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 14th May 2021 Written Update: Vishakha exposed Omkar infront of Mayura

Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 14th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar getting worried after getting call from Vishakha. He gets tensed and due to jerk on road his head collides with Mayura. He tells her id head collides once they may have fight but he doesn’t want to fight with her. So they collide heads again and Mayura smiles. Megha, Sanjay and Shankar sees Vishakha ‘s guard entering inside a bungalow and locking it from inside. They call Omkar to inform about it. Omkar makes an excuse infront of Mayura and goes there. He enters inside and fights with the goons.

Vishakha attacks nurse in the hospital and wears her dress to leave from there.
When Omkar reaches the room, Vishakha’s guard hands him phone ans says there is call for him. Its Vishakha on call. She asks if he found Tara. Then she mocks his plan and says now whatever will happen to Tara, Omkar will be responsible for it. She threatens him again and cuts the call. Omkar tries to find Tara there but fails. Mayura goes through files and finds a file named Vishal industries. She recalls Vishakha had called out the same name.

While she goes through the file, she finds Omkar’s name inside it. She wonders why Vishakha didn’t tell her if she had known Omkar before. She goes to police station and asks police information about Vishal industries. He informs her owner of the industry was Vishal who had died many years ago by committing suicide. She is confused why Vishakha told that her brother was murdered.

Omkar gets videocall from Vishakha, she again warns him to find Tara within 12 hours. She says him to solve the riddle to find Tara. He sees some papers inside an envelope, on joining all it forms the structure of their old bungalow. Mayura calls Omkar to inform him that Vishakha is missing from hospital. She tells him to be careful. Mayura says him and Shankar to be ready and she will pick them up. But Omkar denies. He makes excuses that he needs more time. Mayura tells him why she feels he is intentionally trying to stop her. He tells her to trust him. Mayura agrees.

Mayura scolds doctor and nurse and asks how could patient run away. She gets angry at them and sees Vishakha standing there perfectly fine. She tells Mayura she will show her a surprise. At bungalow Omkar finds Tara lying unconscious on sofa, he hurriedly picks her up to take her to hospital. While he is leaving in his car, he sees Mayura and Vishakha standing there.

Mayura is angry and hurt. Vishakha pretends and tells Mayura that Omkar didnt look after Tara so she is sick. Mayura picks up Tara and takes her along. She doesn’t listen to anything and leaves to go to hospital. Omkar asks Vishakha what she had done to Tara. He tells her enmity is with him, so she should stop involving Mayura and Tara. But Vishakha tells him she felt the pain for her brother so Omkar should feel the same through his loved ones. The episode ends on Vishakha saying Omkar to get habituated as he needs to suffer a lot.

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