Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 17th June 2021 Written Update: Vishakha outsmarts Omkar.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar setting up things for his marriage with Mayura. He gives the garland to her and Mayura makes him wear it. Omkar did the same with her. They both sit in front of fire. On the other hand, Vishakha finds Omkar’s watch and understands that he’s nearby. She sends her men to find him. Omkar does the rituals and calls Mayura’s hand for taking rounds. He lifts Mayura in his arms and they both starts rounding the fire.

 They both makes wedding promises for each round. After completing the rounds they both sit for marriage. Mayura finds that sindoor is missing. Omkar hurts himself and applies his blood as sindoor on Mayura’s forehead. He makes her wear mamgalsutra. They both competes marriage rituals and hug each other. Omkar kisses her forehead and they both gets romantic. Vishakha and Raghav are sure to catch Omkar and kill him. Mayura gets shy while Omkar removes their garlands. They both gets intimate.

Next day morning, Omkar And Mayura are sleeping hugging each other. Omkar wakes up first and kisses her forehead. Omkar wakes up Mayura saying that they need to escape the place and put an end to Vishakha soon. They were about to go when Raghav appears in front of them with gun. Vishakha appears from his behind. Pandey too comes there with gun. Mayura asks Raghav to not trust Vishakha as she’s the one who trapped her too.

Vishakha laughs at her and says that it was Raghav who injected Omkar and also arranged duplicate dead body of hers. She says that she knew everything about Omkar but not about her which is why she took Raghav’s help. She says Raghav was mad for her and that helped her with her revenge. Omkar attacks Raghav when Raghav says that his whole family is in his clutches. He shows them a video where his whole family is at gun point.

 On the other hand, Manjari is worried about Omkar and Mayura. They plan to escape from the police who pointed gun at them. Sanjay acted like ill and making use of the diversion he and Shankar handled the men. They all go out and while leaving Manjari sees the lamp put off and considers it a bad sign.

Raghav asks Vishakha to take away Omkar as Mayura is going with him. Mayura denies leaving Omkar at any cost and says that they got married with all the rituals. Raghav says that if so he can’t let her take Omkar too. Vishakha and Raghav argue when Vishakha starts accepting her defeat. Omkar and Mayura are thinking for a chance to escape. However tables turn when Vishakha’s men attack Pandey and she points gun at Raghav. She says that all this is happening because of Mayura and wants her dead. She points gun at Mayura shocking Omkar and Raghav.

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