Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 18th June 2021 Written Update: Vishakha kills Omkar, Mayura and Raghav.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishakha about to shoot Mayura when Raghav lifts her arms. The bullet gets fired up and Omkar hides Mayura. Raghav and Vishakha fights when Mayura and Omkar escapes from them. They both hear a gunshot and gets stunned. Inside Vishakha shot Raghav and killed him. Raghav dies recalling his memories with Mayura. Omkar asks Mayura to not look back and keep moving. They both reaches outside police station when Vishakha comes there in her jeep. She shows them Manjari and Shankar who are at her gun point. She threatens to. Kill them if they go to. Police. Manjari asks them to not worry about them and escape but Mayura and Omkar stands still. Vishakha asks them to get in the car.

Constable receives message about Vishakha killing Raghav. Megha and Sanjay are present there too. They asks about Mayura and Omkar but couldn’t find any details.

Vishakha brings everyone to an empty ground and points gun at Omkar. Mayura asks her to not do anything wrong and says if she wants to kill someone she then asks her to kill her. Manjari says that Piyush died because of his action and Vishakha gets angry hearing it. Vishakha shoots Mayura but finds no bullet in it. She laughs at them and takes a sword. She says that they are going to play a game. She says she will be om vehicle and will swing the sword at them. Its upto their luck and strength if they escape or die. She warns to kill Sanjay and M and Manjari if they try escaping. Mayura and Omkar starts running while Vishakha follows them.

Vishakha swings the sword at the but they escape and hide behind a tree. Omkar asks Mayura to go and he will handle Vishakha as Tara needs Mayura. Mayura denies leaving him alone but Omkar convinces her. However, Vishakha is now at the back of Mayura while Omkar is beaten up by Vishakha’s men. Vishakha pierced the sword at the back of Mayura and Mayura falls down. Omkar rushes after Mayura and Vishakha stabs him too. They both struggles to unite their hands but dies before that. Shankar and Manjari cry seeing their body when Manjari says Vishakha that Mayukar are inevitable and will definitely come back to complete their story. Vishakha too challenges that if they come back then she will make sure the same thing repeats. Saying so she leaves the place while Shankar and Manjari cries seeing Mayura and Omkar.

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