Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Omkar takes Tara with him to his old mansion.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura asking the lady about Tara. Omkar is showing taking Tara away in the car while Mayura feels helpless and tries to run behind the car. Omkar brings Tara to a mansion and recalls his childhood how he was ill treated and he promised himself to remove all dirt and darkness from his life. He gets teary eyed. Tara asks him which place is that, Omkar tells her that its his and that this is first house he bought with his own earnings. He tells Tara they will make lot of memories there. Then he brings a plate of turmeric and asks her to dip her hands in it and leave the handprint on wall before entering the house.

Omkar tells Tara she can go anywhere inside the house. However he sees Tara upset and asks what happened. She tells everything would be much better if her mumma is there too. On other hand Mayura keeps crying and tells Vishakha even police cannot help them as Omkar is legally Tara’s father. Vishakha says even Tara had told police that her aunt had kidnapped her so police cannot do anything. Tara questions Omkar and asks why either of them is with her while other is not. However Omkar tells her that her mother is busy and changes the topic. Tara goes to see whole house and Omkar thinks Tara should learn to live without her mother.

Mayura tells Vishakha she needs to go and find her daughter. Vishakha gets a text on her phone and sees Megha’s selfie outside a mansion, she tells Mayura now they know where Tara is. Omkar scolds Megha for coming there. She says why he didn’t give her money. Omkar tells due to her negligence Tara was lost however Megha says she had made Tara escape from Vishakha’ s house inspite of tight security. She talks rudely to Omkar but when he glares at her, she gets nervous and says she will keep requesting him to give her money. Then she says she can help him win custody case he has filed against Mayura. Omkar says he has already hired lawyer for that and asks her to leave. However she convinces him to let her fight the custody case.

Mayura tells Vishakha she knows the mansion location and is about to go there but Vishakha stops her. She reminds Mayura of how Omkar will never allow her to stay with Tara. Vishakha motivates Mayura to become Maya again for the world and use her power against Omkar. She tells him Mayura cannot become like Omkar but Maya can. She tells her she wants to see what rules and limits Maya can break to get back her daughter. She tells Mayura its upto her what she wants to do. Mayura agrees to win the battle for Tara by becoming Maya again.

Tara and Omkar share some sweet moments while baking cake but its gets burnt. Megha comes there and Omkar tells Tara she isnt bad. He shows Megha and Mayura’ s pic to Tara to convince her. Omkar gets call from Shankar that some people are throwing them out of house. Omkar and Megha reach his house and find it sealed. The episode ends with Omkar and Maya’s faces ‘ shown parallely.

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