Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 31st May 2021 Written Update: Raghav keeps fooling Mayura.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura feeling disappointed and telling Megha that someone is playing tricks against them. She has doubt on Raghav as he had lied to her when she heard him talking about CCTV footage. But then Raghav comes there and lies to Mayura saying he had asked the best engineer of his department to check footage but they found it was absolutely normal and not edited at all. After Raghav leaves, Mayura tells Megha she was doubting him unnecessarily. Raghav remembers how he got contact of engineer Mayura was talking to and threatened him not to tell truth to Mayura.

Mayura sees some files and finds Vishakha’s forensic report. She sees address and blood group are wrong and realizes file may be fake. Raghav and Pandey brings Omkar in a dark cell and try to make him accept that he murdered Vishakha. Raghav was about to beat Omkar when he gets a call. Omkar asks why he looks pale, did Mayura find proof if him being innocent. However Raghav just smiles and tells Pandey to take care of Omkar. Mayura asks doctor to check files, he tells he will check data recorded on computer but finds password is changed. He calls Rajesh and asks him to open the lock, but before Mayura could check anything there is cut off of power supply. Rajesh tells Raghav that he came on right time. Before Mayura could check files from computer there is fire breakout due to short-circuit of wires done by Raghav.

Mayura wants to save the computer but fire burns down everything. Raghav gets happy seeing it. Mayura asks doctor if he had any backup saved but he denies. Mayura sees Raghav there and asks what is he doing there. He lies that he had come for some other case. While on other side Pandey badly beats Omkar. When Megha and Shankar ask him about Omkar, he says they cannot meet him. Megha shows him video where he was beating Omkar and tells its illegal. She threatens him to let her meet Omkar or else she will call human rights association. Mayura gets call and is shocked. Raghav asks her what happened, she doesn’t answer but leaves angrily from there.

At police station, Mayura feels heart broken seeing Omkar’s condition. She tells all this is unfair. Megha tells her she won’t leave anyone and asks her to talk to Omkar. Omkar and Mayura share emotional moment as Mayura keeps crying and regrets not finding evidence. Omkar tells he is getting punished because of his past mistakes towards Mayura. He tells Mayura not to feel guilty.

Mayura tells him that the way evidence are getting tampered just before they can get it suggests someone is intentionally doing this to trap Omkar. Omkar tells it must be someone who has been with them since beginning. Mayura joins all the links from first day and calls out Raghav. Outside Raghav is acting to scold Pandey for beating Omkar. Mayura tells him to stop acting and episode ends with her questioning Raghav why is he trapping Omkar and what he wants from her.

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