Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Mayura falls for Raghav’s plan and trusts him.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura telling Omkar its not safe to stay there for a longer time. Omkar tells her it has been so long since they spent quality time, he requests her to spend time with him and then he will surrender to police. Raghav sees them and thinks he won’t let Omkar go easily. They spend some lovely moments together. Omkar and Mayura are having romantic time when police arrives there. Mayura gets emotional. Omkar is about to surrender but Pandey shoots. Raghav jumps in between and gets injured on his arms.

At hospital, Mayura thanks Raghav for saving Omkar. He acts and asks if Omkar is fine. Mayura tells him judge has given him life time imprisonment. However Megha is trying to get date for hearing. Raghav’s wrist watch rings and Mayura is shocked. He says her that his senior officer wants him to return back to Omkar’s case but he will deny if Mayura wants. She stops him and tells that she trusts him. Pandey comes there and Raghav pretends to scold him infront of Mayura. Later Pandey praises Raghav ‘ acting skills. At police station, Omkar tells Shankar, Megha and Sanjay not to trust Raghav.

Omkar points out how Raghav reached exactly on same time when Omkar was shot. Shankar tells him that Sanjay had informed Raghav about tracking phone no. so Raghav might have also followed it and reached the location . However Omkar tells them he doesn’t trust Raghav. Megha also informs him about court ‘s hearing date being tomorrow and they need to gather proof. Mayura comes there with Raghav. She informs Omkar that Raghav has returned to his case. Omkar and Mayura have an argument due to this. Mayura tells him to trust her and she trusts Raghav.

Mayura and Raghav sit on bench and share tea. While talking Mayura informs him that she hopes either autopsy report or cctv footage proves Omkar’s innocence. She asks Raghav about his family. He gets angry and just says his life doesn’t meet with their life. Mayura says she will go back home. Raghav insists to go with her but she denies. She tells him she will go carefully and tells she will meet him next morning.

Judge asks Omkar for his proof of innocence. He asks where is cctv footage and autopsy report. Raghav comes there and gives it to judge. Judge says its clear in report that dead body was of Vishakha and in cctv footage Omkar is clearly visible. Omkar tells he was injected and he didn’t kill Vishakha. Judge tells his blood report doesn’t verify this. Raghav tells all evidences indicate that Omkar is culprit. Manjiri comes there and tells who is he to tag her son as guilty. She scolds Megha for doing her work well as a lawyer. Manjiri hugs Omkar and tells she has brought the evidence to prove Omkar is innocent. She calls a boy inside and tells he is one who had checked cctv footage. She asks him to tell judge how Omkar’s face was edited on someone else’s body. Episode ends with shocked face of Raghav and everyone.

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