Pinjarra Khubsurti Ka 4th May 2021 Written Update: Omkar lies to Mayura about Tara being at London


Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishakha thinking why is Omkar lying. Mayura feels relieved to hear Tara is safe. Vishakha tells Omkar if Tara is with him, he should let a mother meet her daughter. Even Mayura pleads him for the same. Omkar makes excuses and says that he would have made her talk to Tara but he has sent her to London for treatment. Vishakha asks how did he arrange for money, Omkar says his friend is a doctor and is helping him with the expenditures. Mayura begs him to let her talk once to Tara but he tells about timezone difference. But then Mayura asks him to let her talk next day. Omkar promises the same. Later Megha and Shankar come there, its shown they know truth about Omkar not being blind.

Shankar questions him why he didn’t say truth to Mayura. Omkar says she wouldn’t have believed him. He says when he was trapped by Aishwarya, Mayura saved him and now he will save Mayura from Vishakha’s trap. Vishakha tries to instigate Mayura against Omkar and tells her that he is acting. She is about to blurt that Tara is with her but stops herself. She feels frustrated at Mayura believing Omkar.

Next day Vishakha and Mayura come to Omkar and asks him to do videocall to Tara. Omkar acts emotional and says its so strange fate that he has Tara but cannot see her. Then he says about a famous doctor in London who is treating Tara. Mayura feels happy to hear it. He says right now Tara has appointment with him so she cannot talk to Mayura but she has sent a video for her. He asks Megha to play the video for Mayura from his email. Mayura sees video clip of Tara saying hospital is nice and has lots of toys, she says it would be nice if mumma is here too. Mayura feels overwhelmed seeing it. Vishakha asks her guard to send pic of Tara and she gets a pic of sleeping Tara. She holds Mayura tightly and tells her not to believe Omkar.

Omkar drops medicine box to make Vishakha leave Mayura. Later Shankar tells Omkar he feels bad for lying to Mayura. Omkar says once everything is sorted he will try to get his family back. Vishakha tells Mayura that the video was fake and Omkar is not blind. She sees Omkar walking in the garden and tells Mayura she will attack Omkar with a brick and if he defends it Mayura should believe Vishakha. She throws the brick and Omkar bends down at same time. Vishakha says Mayura to see Omkar isnt blind. Mayura tells her to see that Omkar didn’t bend because of brick but as his foot was pricked by thorn. Omkar greets Vishakha and asks if she wants to say something. Mayura tells she just wanted to bid goodbye. Omkar smirks looking at the mirror.

At home, Mayura makes coffee for Vishakha and says sorry for being rude with her. Vishakha tells her its fine and remembers her brother’s memories. Mayura gets call from hospital and rushes to meet Omkar. Omkar holds her hand and thanks her. Vishakha comes and says she wants Omkar and Shankar to stay in bungalow with them so that Mayura will be less worried. The episode ends on Omkar and Vishakha’s challenging faces.

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