Pisachini frames Mahima to kill family members: Divya Drishti

High voltage drama ahead in Divya Drishti with Pisachini and lizard making plan against the family.

In the episodes, Drishti confronts Rakshit and says she knows that he is Anjan who saves her everytime. Rakshit tells Drishti everything. He tells her that Pisachini is planning against the family and she will execute her plan during the puja.

Otherside, Pisachini gives some component to Lava and says this will help you to snatch Drishti’s powers. Divya and Drishti see someone attacking them. Drishti tells everything to Rakshit. Rakshit asks her to see and tell whose hand it was. Drishti tells him that someone has a red thread on the hand.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Pisachini will take all the powers of Drishti and will plan to kill family with a special sword.

Divya will get suspicious of Lavanya’s action. Here, Pisachini will hinder Rakshit’s search for Drishti. Later, mahima will wield a sword to kill a family member. Pisachini will say to Drishti that she is fool and now she can see her plan. There, Lavanya will prepare a poisonous juice for Rakshit to get the information about Kaal Vijay Ratna. Pisachini says once she will take Drishti’s power than she will definitely bring vijay ratna.

What next happens in Divya Drishti will be interesting to watch. How the sisters will save their family will be interesting to watch. How Rakshit will help Divya and Drishti, to know more keep watching Divya Drishti, sat-sun on Star Plus and Hotstar.

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