Pishachini 10th November 2022 Written Update: Veer fools the Rajputs

Pishachini 10th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pavitra, Rocky, Sanchit and Vidya finding Veer lying on the ground. They help him to get up and ask what happened. Veer lies that he saw dark clouds in the sky and came here. He saw Rani was freed and was trying to escape. He captured her again. Rani tries to alert them through signs about Veer as her mouth is covered by branches . Pavitra wonders how Rani could have freed herself without anyone’s help. Rocky says that maybe Maha Pishach helped her. He asks Beer if he saw Maha Pishach. Veer says no. He says that when he reached there, there was a storm, so he couldn’t see clearly. He captured Rani using the liquid when he saw her being detached.

Pavitra asks how Veer was able to capture Rani, who is a magical creature. Veer says that Rani tried to attack him, but he captured her by tricking her. Pavitra asks why he risked his life for that. Veer says that his work is to protect people from ghosts and Pishach. He just did his duty and hopes that Pavitra will trust him hereafter. Sanchit and Vidya take Veer home.

Rocky says to Pavitra that Veer is Nashak, so he risked his life to capture Rani again. He says that he will be the key in the major battle against the Maha Pishach and he will save their lives. Pavitra says that maybe Rocky is right. However, Pavitra thinks in mind why she can’t believe what she sees. Pavitra is shocked to notice that Rani’s baby is missing and notifies it to Rocky.

In the mansion, Sudhakar scolds Sapna and Bubli for bringing Rani’s baby home. Bubli’s husband says that the baby could harm them. Sapna says that the baby is their blood, so she can’t leave him in the storm. Just then, Pavitra and Rocky arrive there. Rocky reminds Sapna that the baby is also Rani’s blood. He asks Sapna how she could make such a big mistake. Pavitra thinks that Rocky and Sapna are both right in their place. She thinks of handling this before the situation gets worse. Pavitra says to Rocky that a child isn’t born bad or good, but a child’s bringing makes him/her good or bad. Pavitra suggests raising the baby by giving their family’s values and sanskaar, which shocks Rocky.

Rocky reminds Pavitra that Rani killed Pavitra’s whole family. Pavitra says that Rani is the culprit, but Rani’s baby is also Sanchit’s baby and a part of Rajput’s family. Pavitra says that they have a responsibility towards that baby and they can’t easily reject him. Rocky is scared that the baby will turn like Rani after growing up. Rocky asks Sapna where she hid the baby.

Sapna says to Rocky that she hid the baby behind the temple, so that he doesn’t harm anyone in the family. Rocky says that humans and Pishach can’t stay under the same roof. Sudhakar says that they have to make a decision soon. Pavitra says that Sanchit should decide about what to do with the baby. Sanchit says that he is unable to decide. Veer says that he can solve this problem.

Rani bites the branches and removes them from around her mouth. She says that Maha Pishach will kill her baby, who is her last hope. She says that she should free herself and asks Maddy where her Pishach’s army is. Maddy says that they won’t come as they learned about her defeat. Rani shouts no. In the mansion, Sudhakar is surprised to know Veeer is Nashak. Rocky says that Veer captured Rani again in time, else Maha Pishach would free Rani and they would be again trapped by Rani.

Pavitra asks Veer what he wants to do. Veer says that he wants to use this child to capture Maha Pishach, as Pishach attracts Pishach. He says that he will put an end to Pishach’s blood, which is in the baby, so that he can become a complete human being after capturing Maha Pishach. Pavitra asks how. Veer says that he doesn’t have time to explain this and asks the Rajputs to trust him.

Veer wants only one person to accompany him. But the Rajputs want to accompany Veer to defeat Maha Pishach. But Veer says that the Maha Pishach is very dangerous, so he should face it alone. He shows a box which has small stones. He asks the Rajputs to pick one stone and the one who will get the blue stone will accompany him. He uses his power and makes Pavitra pick that blue stone. He thinks that the actual trap is for Pavitra. Rocky refuses to let Pavitra go alone with Veer. But Pavitra decides to go along with Veer.

Rocky is worried about sending Pavitra alone with Veer, with whom she already feels uncomfortable, and expresses it to Pavitra. The latter assures him that Bajrang Bali will bring her back to him. Rocky makes Pavitra wear the locket Pavitra gives him. Pavitra leaves. Veer sees the green star in the sky and says that it’s time to execute his plan. Rani also sees the green start and says that Maha Pishach will make a big attack now. She tries to free herself to stop him.

The episode ends.

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