Pishachini 13th January 2023 Written Update:

Pishachini 13th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

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The episode starts with Pishach Devta approaching Pavitra to kill her. To Pavitra’s surprise, Rani kills Pishach Devta, taking her ten-headed avatar. Pavitra asks Rani why she saved her life. Rani says that she saved her so that she could kill her. She says that at first she didn’t understand why Pishach Devta wanted to sacrifice her, but she just discovered it. She says that Pishach Devta will become more powerful than her if he kills Pavitra, as he will not kill only Pavitra, who has the divine symbol, but also her child, which is growing in her womb. Pavitra gets emotional realizing that she’s pregnant. 

Meanwhile, the Rajputs pray to Hanumanji to show them a way to save Pavitra. Rocky places his palm over the burning diya. Magically, paper appears in Rocky’s hand.  Here, Pavitra says that she killed the Pishach Devta as she doesn’t want anyone else to become more powerful than her. Rani laughs and says that she will Pavitra. Pavitra gets up and firmly says that she won’t let Rani kill her child. There, Sapna asks what the paper is. Rocky says that this is the return ticket to bring Pavitra and Vidya. He says that using this divya Yantra, they can bring Pavitra and Vidya here from any world in which they’re. Sapna asks him to use it immediately. Rocky says that Pavitra should have something in her possession through which they can connect with her so that this works. Shikha says that they can communicate this to Vidya. She recalls and tells a way through which they can talk to Vidya from anywhere.

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