Pishachini 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Pavitra flights alone with the zombies

Pishachini 23rd November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pavitra asking Rocky to leave with the family before everyone dies. Kanika nods to Rocky to agree. Rocky agrees. Rani uses her power and freezes the zombies who are attacking the car. Rocky looks at Pavitra feeling emotional before driving off with the family. Dil hamara la ilaj hai plays in the BG.

At the mansion, Sapna coughs. Sudhakar is about to go out of the temple to get water, but he steps back when Dadaji comes in front of him. Dadaji says to offer him water and asks him to come out. Here, Pavitra asks Rani why she’s even trying when her power doesn’t affect her. Rani says that she knew, but she has her zombie army who will keep on attacking Pavitra till she dies. She uses her power on the zombies.

There, Sudhakar and Sapna go out of the temple. They ask Dadaji if he will fulfill whatever their wish is. Dadaji says yes and asks them not to anger her by repeating the same question. Here, Pavitra fights with the zombies. Rani asks Pavitra how long she will fight with her endless army. She asks Pavitra to be ready for her death. Pavitra asks Rani if she will leave her family after killing her. Pavitra asks her to promise. Rani says that Pavitra gave up easily. Pavitra says not that easily. Pavitra creates a protection shield around her using her divine power. Rani says that her zombie army will try to break that shield till she becomes weak. She says that then she will easily kill Pavitra. The zombies get thrown away every time they touch the protection shield.

There, Sudhakar says to Dadaji that they want to make sure he will give them whatever they want. He says that he doubts whether he will make them pishach without fulfilling their desire. Dadaji agrees to fulfill their wish first, then will make them Pishach. He asks what their wish is. Sapna and Sudhakar say together that they want Dadaji to become human like before. Dadaji grants their wish. He realizes what they asked later. Dadaji screams in pain and disappears, shocking Sudhakar and Sapna.

Here, Pavitra slowly gets weaker and she faints. The protection shield disappears. Kanika and Rocky arrive on the other side of Agnithaal. They see Pavitra falling unconscious. Rocky says that they have to divert the zombies and asks how. Kanika says that zombies get diverted if they sense blood smell. Rocky takes out his knife and cuts his palm. His blood drops fall on the land. Zombies sense the smell of blood and move towards Rocky, which shocks Rani. She understands that zombies sense the smell of blood and move towards it. The zombies fall into the Agnithaal. Rani tries to touch Pavitra, but feels a jolt passing through her body. So Rani uses her power and ties Pavitra using the tree branches.

The zombies come out of the Agnithaal, which shocks Rocky. He asks Kanika how they didn’t get killed in the Agnithaal. Kanika explains that Agnithaal kills when one’s intention is wrong, but zombies don’t have a mind or heart, so they neither have any intention. Rocky wonders how to defeat the zombies. Kanika says that they can’t kill them.

The episode ends.

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