Pishachini 28th October 2022 Written Update: Pavitra and Rocky fool Rani

Pishachini 28th October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dadaji asking Pavitra where she’s going. He says that she is doing something against Rani. Pavitra asks Dadaji not to tell Rani anything. Dadaji reminds Pavitra that he is Pishach now, so he will only support Rani. On the other hand, Rocky takes Sanchit to the forest. Rocky asks where Rani is. He tries to go from there to find Rani despite Rocky trying to keep him busy talking. Rocky stops Sanchit’s holding his hand. He says that he suffered a lot because of Rani, and now he should be freed. There, Pavitra ties a rudraaksh mala around Dadaji’s wrist to prevent him from alerting Rani.

Pavitra apologizes to Dadaji and vows to soon find a way to free Dadaji from Rani too. Here Sanchit tries to walk away. Pavitra throws some holy powder over Sanchit and he freezes. Pavitra shows a box to Rocky and says that the anonymous writer that Vidya is following sent this box along with the detailed instructions about how to perform the rituals to release Sanchit from Rani’s spell. There Rani is trying to catch the family members. She hears Vidya mentioning every family member’s names except Rocky and Pavitra. She understands that it’s Pavitra’s plan and Rocky and Pavitra took Sanchit away. 

Here, Pavitra follows the instructions and performs the ritual. They mix the holy powder and the oil and make a circle around Sanchit. They chant the Hanumanji mantra, after which the circle should catch fire and Sanchit should come out of Rani’s spell. They get confused when the circle doesn’t catch fire. Pavitra reads the instructions and learns that they need Rani’s belongings to be kept inside the circle for this ritual to be successful. Pavitra goes to get Rani’s belongings. Meanwhile, Rani catches Vidya in the game and goes to find Pavitra and Rocky. 

Pavitra comes to Sanchit’s room to find some of Rani’s things, but she finds only Sanchit’s belongings. She wonders where Rani keeps her belongings. Just then, Maddy appears there. He says that Rani doesn’t keep any of her belongings. She throws them away after using them once. Pavitra says that there is one thing that she can’t throw away. Maddy asks what it was. Pavitra touches Maddy. The latter becomes a frog statue. Pavitra says that he is that thing. She takes the  frog statue from there. 

Rocky becomes tensed seeing Sanchit coming out of the holy powder effects. He wonders where Pavitra is. Sanchit comes to his senses and tries to walk out of the circle. Rocky tries to stop Sanchit. The latter pushes him down. Sanchit is about to step out of the circle. Pavitra throws the frog statue inside the circle. The circle catches fire. Sanchit remembers Rani mesmerizing him and marrying him. Just then, Rani arrives there and places her foot inside the circle which douses the fire. Maddy comes into his real human form. Sanchit faints. Rani flaunts that Rocky and Pavitra can’t defeat her. She says that she captured Sanchit in a ring and they need to hide that ring from her till the moon comes out. She says that it’s not possible as that ring is on her finger 24 hours.

Just then, Rani notices her ring is missing. Pavitra shows that ring. Rani is shocked and asks Pavitra to return that ring to her. Pavitra  and Rocky tell how they fooled Rani on the name of the blindfold game and removed the ring from her finger while blindfolding her. Pavitra says that they were confused about how to use that ring. Rocky thanks Rani for clearing their confusion. Rani says that the moon hasn’t shown up yet. She will kill whoever comes between her and that ring. She tries to snatch the ring from Rani’s hand. Pavitra throws it in the air. Rani flies and catches it. She is shocked to realize it is just a black stone. Rocky laughs and says that the real ring is here. He shows her the ring. Rani looks at Rocky angrily. 

The episode ends. 

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