Pishachini: Pavitra to defeat Rani once again!

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Colors TV’s popular supernatural show, Pishachini, is gearing up for more drama with Rani ordering fire-spitting snakes to burn the Rajputs to ashes.

Previously, it was seen that the Rajputs led by Kanika attacked Rani while Rocky took the phere with an unconscious Pavitra in his arms. Rani spat fire and destroyed all the weapons thrown by the Rajputs towards her. Rani was shocked when the baby pishach took the Rajputs’ side against her and stopped her holding her hand.

A furious Rani removed the baby pishach’s hand and threw him away. Meanwhile, Rocky was successful in making Pavitra, who was in her dreamworld, realize that she was trapped by Rani in her imaginary world. He talked to her continuously, asking her to come out of her deep sleep. He reminded her of their love, their moments and their promises to each other.

Pavitra woke up and they shared an emotional hug. Rani was enraged to see that Pavitra had woken up and to realize her plan was spoiled once again by Pavitra and Rocky. She ordered the fire-spitting snakes to attack the Rajputs and kill them.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that the snake will try to attack the Rajputs. Pavitra will create a shield using her divine power and will protect them. Rocky will save Sudhakar and Dadaji, who were trapped by the snake. Kanika will get bitten by a snake while saving Vidya. Kanika will be in pain and will be slowly dying. Pavitra will become furious and will take Durga avatar when Rani creates a five-headed snake to attack the Rajputs.

Pavitra will destroy the snakes and will spit fire on Rani. Rani will be frightened to see Pavitra in Durga’s avatar. She will run away, taking the baby pishach with her.

What will happen next? What will be Rani’s next plan against the Rajputs?

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