Pishachini: Pavitra to feel Pishachini’s presence?

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Colors newly launched supernatural show Pishachini showcases the story of Pishachini fuming in anger seeing Pavitra and Rocky coming closer.
In the previous episode it was seen that Pishachini tried to hypnotise Rocky, but Pavitra’s arrival foiled her plan.

In order to get evidence to Nikita that Rocky whom she misunderstood for Nikita’s fiance, is a playboy. Pavitra put the camera for recording and flirted with Rocky. In this process they both came closer which interrupted with Rocky’s cousins arrival.

Babu ji confronted Pratik and asked if he really got rid of Pishachini and asked to swear on him. Pratik lied that Pishachini wasn’t in that house.rocky’s cousin’s teased Rocky with Pavitra. The latter showed the video to Nikta to expose Rocky, but the camera got covered by a leaf and nothing was recorded.

Pavitra got determined to proof Rocky is a flirt before the end of the day. For the same Pavitra danced sensually with Rocky on Nikita’s Sangeet. Pishachini saw Rocky and Pavitra getting closer and fumed in anger. She thought that Pavitra is trying to trap her target.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pishachini will dance with Rocky in Nikita’s sangeet. Babu ji will get shocked seeing Pishachini. Pavitra will wonder who Pishachini is and will feel her presence and will say that she’s here.

Rocky will lift up Pishachini in his arms and will take her. Babu ji will look around worried. Sudhakar will ask Babu ji wha he is looking for. Babu ji will ask for holy water. Babu ji will splash the holy water on Pishachini. She will scream. Family will look on shocked?

What will happen next? Will Pishachini get successful in her intention? How Pavitra will stop Pishachini?
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