Pishachini: Pavitra to get determined to put an end to Pishachini?

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Colors newly launched supernatural show Pishachini is gearing up for more drama with Pavitra’s discovering a shocking information about Pishachini.
In the previous episode it was seen that Pavitra created a scene in Nikita’s Sangeet and demeaned Rocky. She declared that this marriage wouldn’t take place. Nikita calmed down Pavitra and clarified that Rocky was her cousin and introduced her fiancé, Rohit to Pavitra.

The latter felt guilty learning the truth. She apologized to Babu ji. She came to Rocky to apologize. Rocky acted to be sad and hurt with Pavitra’s behavior. At the end he said that his mistake was dancing with the girl he likes.

Pishachini entered the Sangeet ceremony disguised as dancer. She mesmerized all with her dance. Babu ji got shocked seeing Pishachini and realized that Pratik lied to him. Pishachini pretended to sprain her ankle and took Rocky’s help.

Rocky took her to her room. Babu ji learned this from Shikha and rushed to Rocky’s room with holy water. Pishachini heard them at the doorstep and volatilized. Babu ji got shocked finding Nikita in the place of Pishachini.

Later Nikita came to Rocky’s room to return his jacket. Rocky sister told Pavitra that the dancer was a supernatural creature and gave her description. Pavitra referred her grandfather’s dairy and realized he had notes about Pishachini.

She wondered why her grandfather had all these notes about Pishachini and if there was any past connection with her and Pishachini.
In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pavitra will get determined to put an end to Pishachini and save people from her shadow. Pishachini will come to Pavitra when she’s sleeping. She will extend her nails and will slit her throat using her nail.

Will Pavitra be able to destroy Pishachini? How Pavitra and Pishachini are connected?
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