Pishachini: Pishachini to trap Rocky?

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Colors newly launched supernatural show Pishachini showcases the story of Pishachini threatening Pratik to kill his daughter if he tells the Rajputs the truth.
In the previous episode it was seen that Pavitra misunderstood that Rocky for Nikkita’s fiance. Pishachini came to Pavitra’s room and spotted her parying to Hanuman’s photo frame.

She tried to capture Pavitra extending her long black hair. But Pavitra turned around. Pishachini mocked Pavitra about being a devotee. Pratik felt guilty of lying to his family and decided to tell them the truth. Pishachini threatened Pratik and Amrita.

She told that there’s an invisible thread around Nikkita’s neck which could kill her. A FB showed of Pishachini chanting some mantra and put her strand of hair around Nikkita’s neck and it got invisible.

Push demonstrated it. Nikkita felt suddenly chocked when Pishachini clicked her finger and she got normal when Pishachini clicked her finger again. Dada ji felt Pishachini presence in the house and told his family about the same. He notified them about Pratik not having any God photos or temple in the house.

Nikkita spotted Rocky flirting with a girl and told Nikkita about her boyfriend being a playboy and assured her to get proof for the same. Rocky along with his cousins went into the woods. Rocky said that Pratik got all his richness with the help of Pishachini and said that he could also make a deal with her.

Pishachini was following them and decided to use Rocky to reach Bareli.
In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pishachini will hypnotize Rocky and will say that he will be mesmerized in her trap and in her long hair. Nikkita will say that she will definitely trap him this time.

Pishachini will say that no one can stop her. Pishachini will dance in Nikkita’s sangeet. Dada ji will get shocked on seeing Pishachini.

Will Pishachini be able to use Rocky to take her revenge from the Rajput? How Pavitra and Pishachini are connected? How Pavitra will stop Pishachini?
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