Piya to die after Ansh stabs her: Nazar

Star Plus show Nazar is witnessing edge of the seat drama with Ansh killing everyone with a sword.

Piya to die after Ansh stabs her: Nazar


In Star Plus show Nazar drama is high with everyone going blue due to powder effect. Vedshree says this all because of Shalaka. Chitali faints and becomes blue. Mohana gets scared and says we all will die. Ansh and Piya returns home. Piya started going blue. Nishant tells them what Shalaka has done. Ansh gets worried and goes to meet others. Vedshree tells him that she is dying and will leave him forever. Ansh says he will not let this happen. Nishant tells Ansh that he tried to find the solution but nothing is working.

Ansh goes to the temple and prays to God, to show him the way. Ansh turns and sees the shinning sword in Adi’s hand. Ansh takes the sword from him. Nishant tells him that it is very risky to use. Ansh says there is no other option. Vedshree and Chitali say if he feels this is only the solution then stab them with the sword. Ansh stabs Vedshree and she falls down. Everyone gets stunned seeing this.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Ansh will kill Piya too. Nishant looks on helplessly after Ansh murders Piya and whole Rathode family. Later, Mayank learns Heera’s true identity from tara.

Is this the end of Ansh and Piya’s love story or there will be some twist well, time will only tell till then keep watching Nazar, mon-fri,11pm on Star Plus.

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