PK and Pooja to come face to face in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Star Plus early evening show is all set for a new beginning and the start of the ending of the old one is already initiated by the writers from last week. As per the story Jhanvi aka Pooja already snatched everything from the Mittal family. She made them bankrupt and now even ask them to leave from the mittal house as well as it is also belongs to her. Kabir however tries to make Pooja calm and manages the situation but unfortunately Pooja is not ready to listen to anybody at all.

In the upcoming episodes of the show the loyal viewers will get to see Pooja will throw the family members out and also asks them not to use the cars and any of the belongings of the Mittal house anymore. Here, Kabir will inform Kavya that her name is clear from the mess and thanked her for finding out about this thing and make him able to save his family to some extent.

PK on the other hand decided to take revenge from Jhanvi aka Pooja and asks Raghav for his cooperation in this. Pooja on the other hand have an argument with Ishani aka Rani about Kabir, Rani will leave the Ashok Bhaban and decides to stay with Amma. PK will reach out to Pooja at Mittal mansion in the morning and confront her about the whole happening. He will take her to a cliff and asks her about what will be her  answer to her father if she dies today. 

Pooja will also gives him tashan and says I am not worried for myself but you shall take care of yours as wasting time can cost you only. Later Kabir will get to know about PK intention and reaches the place on time and stops PK.

Jhanvi will escape from the place when she gets a turn for herself. Later on the whole Mittal family will reach the place where they will find Kabir and PK are arguing over gun and Jhanvi will also watches the whole thing from behind.

Kabir will face a major incident in front of his eyes which will make him stunned at his place. Jhanvi rejoices to see the scenario from behind as she thinks her fortune works in favour of her and Karma finally plays it’s part in the whole scenario.

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