Pooja and Kabir stuck together inside a lift: Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna

Star Plus Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna will witness interesting twist ahead.

So far in the story it is seen, Kabir and other employees work hard to complete the assignment on time. Pooja too helped them but later, some goons steal their consignment. Kabir goes to rescue their goods, meanwhile Ranjit and Chopda fills Pooja by saying Kabir has planned a trap for Pooja. The duo shows a video clip of Kabir too.

Furious Pooja thinks to confront Kabir about the matter. Chopda and Ranjit get happy thinking now Pooja will blast on Kabir but to their surprise Pooja behaved calmly with Kabir.

Later, Jay asks money from Kabir and Pooja pays the bill saying she will take it back with the interest.

Otherside, Ranjit is trying to impress Rani.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, some unknown person will throw an egg at Pooja’s car and later, Pooja and Kabir will get stuck inside the lift.

Kabir will rebuke Jay for his irresponsible behaviour. Meanwhile, Chanda will strike a deal with Pooja. Here, someone will throw an egg on Pooja’s car and she will sense someone there. Pooja will inform Rani that she saw someone for sure and will get tensed. Later, Kabir and Pooja will get stuck inside a lift.

So, is this a start of Pooja and Kabir’s love story? Shoot your comments.

Who is the unknown person who is threatening Pooja and Rani? What deal Chanda has made with Pooja? Do Pooja will agree with Chanda? How Pooja and Rani will deal with the unknown person will be interesting to watch.

For more twist and turns keep watching Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna mon-fri on Star Plus and Hotstar.

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