Pooja Misra talks about favorite bigg boss 16 contestant, upcoming project and more

Pooja Misra talks about bigg boss 16, upcoming events and more.

  1. How has pooja been?

Pooja has been super busy preping up for back to back events…

2. What has been keeping you busy?

Fittings, script brainstorming sessions, appearances at events…

3. Have you been following big boss who is your favourite?

Yes I have been following big boss 16…undeniably Abdu… Is cute as a button and everyone’s favourite!

4. Where to next?

I am being awarded as an international viral icon by Ameesha Patel today..

Then I am going to get busy with a workshop for the contestants of Mrs Perfect India where I am a jury member…Then I am off to jaipur to receive an award for being an international viral sensation by Mugdha Godse followed by me anchoring the Tik tok achievers night in bahrain as the main anchor where Ameesha Patel is a guest… Then I am being awarded by Malaika arora as the best viral star…. Followed by some more events and awards…

5. Do we see you on screen anytime soon?

Yes I am working on a short film which will be released at international Film festivals… Then there is an offer for a web series too…. Followed by a glam music video… So some interesting projects are lined up for 2023

6. What’s your take on reality shows and would you want to do any?

Reality shows are still the craze although the consumption of webseries is also huge…Reality shows are tricky but if the offer is irresistible then I will think over it.

7. OTT or TV or reality shows for you?

OTT is bigger than TV untill its Salman khan coming on TV then everyone will watch TV… That’s a fact… For me I would like to dabble in both OTT and TV… as I would like to cover the whole spectrum….

8. One thing Pooja would not be doing 5 years from now…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Shuttling between Mumbai and Pune!