Poonam Pandey’s false death news was a ploy to create awareness about cervical cancer.

By Anil Merani| Has the lid finally lifted on the alleged Poonam Pandey death? There has always been speculation about whether Poonam had died or not, as there was no public knowledge about the body and her family had been quiet. Yesterday, the first news broke out that this supermodel and erotica actress had died due to cervical cancer at the young age of 32.

Later, one news outlet announced that Poonam, last seen in the reality series Lock Upp, might have died due to a drug overdose. Poonam has starred in a few movies and participated in Khatron Ki Khiladi in  2011.

As per India Forums, Poonam, who was last seen a few days ago and appeared fit and fine, is ok. The entire death thing was a campaign to spread awareness about cervical cancer. The medical community celebrated last month (January 2024) as a cervical cancer awareness month.

Poonam first gained her name and fame when she claimed she would strip nude if India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, but she did not keep her promise. But she later did go in the buff when the Kolkata Knight Riders won the 2012 IPL.

We tried to contact Poonam’s manager and  PR to get a confirmation but have yet to get through to them.

I hope Poonam is fine, and yes, we need to create awareness about cervical cancer, which is a preventable disease.