Pracchand Ashok 13th February 2024 Written Update: Ashok makes a smart move

Pracchand Ashok 13th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashok finding out Chaitrat’s plan. Princess Devi asks Kaurwaki if her brother won the task? She tells her that Bhadra is really strong. He will definitely win it. She will definitely become her bhabhi. Chaitrat shares his plan with Vidhisha. He says that no one can’t control this bill. He gave a chemical to that bull. He asks Bhadra to control this bull which is specially arranged for him. He will win the swayamvaram. Later, Chaitrat announces to everyone about the swayamvaram. He narrates the rules of the task. He says that who is controlling the bull will be the winner. Meanwhile, Kaurwaki wishes Badra to win the task. Her servant says that she has a good heart. Later, Princess necklace fall down. The king asks who did it? Princess says that someone indirectly registering their entry. Susheel asks Ashok why is he here? He refuses to attend. Ashok says that Maling people might understand that a winner is here. He says that he is talking about Susheel. Everyone is watching him.


Princess asks the servant who did it? The servant says that only Ashok can do it. Kaurwaki mentions his name. Ashok feels like someone mentioned his name. The race begins. Every kingdom’s prince fights with the bull one by one. When it comes to Susheel’s turn. Bhavan asks Ashok to stop him. He allows Susheel to fight. The bull stabs him. They makes fun of Magad’s prince. Bhavan says that it’s easy for Ashok to handle that bull. But he didn’t helped Susheel. He would have married princess Devi. Bhadra controlled the bull and wins the task. Everyone claps for him. Bhavan says that he played with magad prestige. Later, Susheel gets irritated when his brothers praised Bhadra. He asks them why didn’t Ashok participate in it. If he knows anything which we were aware of it. Susheel gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Devi expressed her happiness with Kaurwaki for become her bhabhi officially.

Uma meets Bhadra alone. She complaints that he loves her but he agreed to marry Devi. How could he do it with her. Bhadra says that he has to do it for his kingdom. But he still loves her. Uma says that she is carrying his baby. If he don’t stop this wedding then she will reveal the truth to everyone including his sister who is trusting him blindly. Meanwhile, Devi asks Kaurwaki about Bhadra. She says that he is strong and lovely person. She fears that Ashok may participate in it. She hates him a lot. She lies to Devi about Bhadra’s look. Devi teases her. She asks her to choose a dress for her. Ashok enters into the room and flirts with her. She says that she heard this voice already. He mentioned his name. Kaurwaki places a knife on his neck. She says that she is a princess of Kaling. She hates him. He is her enemy. He realised she is not Devi. He played with her. She says that she will call the soldiers. He says that they can’t catch him. He leaves from there. Soldiers fails to catch him. He notices Devi and shows the arrow to her.

Episode end

The princess Devi announced to everyone that she is going to marry Magad’s kind Ashok

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