Pracchand Ashok 28th March 2024 Written Update: Devi plots against Kaurwaki

Pracchand Ashok 28th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindusara collapsing on the floor. Ashok asks the servant to call the doctor. Bindusaraa says to Ashok that he loves him a lot. He stayed far from him for his horoscope. He will became a king like the way mentioned in his horoscope. He is a talented person. He wish to see him in the throne. He might rule this kingdom after him. He is the next king of this kingdom. He takes his last breath on Ashok’s lap. Susheem gets frustrated. He shouts that he can’t accept this. He won’t allow Ashok to become a king. Ashok says that he can talk about it after Bindusara’s funeral. He asks him to shut up. Susheem says that Bindusara lost his memory. He took this decision in a dilemma. He can’t accept his decision at all. Chanakya brings the doctor there. He tells him that Bindusara met him yesterday. He was in his sense. He wanted to choose Ashok as the next king. He left a kind seal in this agreement. Susheem gets frustrated. He can’t accept it. Diana asks him to talk about it later. Chanakya says that Ashok is the next king.

Later, Devi says to Kaurwaki that Bindusara given the special place to her in this place. He is died now. She is her servant now. Devi demands her to stay in the servants quarters. Tomorrow Brahmins will eat funeral food from this palace. Bindusaraa’s soul will get peace after it. Devi demands Kaurwaki to cook for 500 Brahmins alone. Dharma comes there. She complaints to Devi that she is crossing her limits. She already announced Kaurwaki as her servant. She gave leave to the servants. They used to cook food for Brahmins. But she is asking Kaurwaki to prepare it. She will talk with Ashok about it. Kaurwaki says that she can handle it. She don’t need to talk about it with Ashok. It will give new headache to him. Devi will lose her love. Devi will get more anger on her. Dharma says that Magad never disappointed the Brahmins yet. If Kaurwaki do a small mistakes then she has to leave from Magad. Devi doing it all for this reason. If she really wanted to take this risk?

Kaurwaki tells her that she is ready. She is Devi’s servant. She can cook it. Later, Ashok recalls his moments with Bindusara. Dharma comes there and complaints to him about Devi. Ashok noticed someone shadow there. He says to Dharma that he doesn’t care about it. Kaurwaki deserved it. He send her from there. He notices Pawan there. He complaints that he tried to kill him along with Kaurwaki. Pawan says that he did wrong. He deserved the punishment for it. But Kaurwaki is innocent. She saved his life. But she took the blame on her head. Ashok is shocked to hear it. Later, Susheem says to Diana that he arranged the soldiers to kill Ashok. Helena says that they lost their brain. They can’t defeat Ashok.
Vimala asks Susheem to send his soldiers to kill Ashok. We have to kill the whole Ashok’s family. Helena liked her idea. Later, Kaurwaki prepares the food. Ashok comes there. He asks her if she saved his life? She denied it. He asks her to say the truth. Devi comes there. Kaurwaki complaints to her that he is troubling her. Everyone will badmouth on Ashok for misbehaving with a servant. Devi takes him from there.

Kaurwaki serves the food to Brahmins. Helena and Diana praised Kaurwaki. Which irritated Devi. Devi waited to see the Brahmins insulting her. She asked Vimala to add a rat in the food. Ashok brings that rat there. He scold her. Devi says that she wanted to save him from Kaurwaki. Ashok gives a fitting reply to her. Brahmins blessed Kaurwaki to become a queen. She asks them to bless Bindusara’s soul. Ashok tried to talk with her but she ignored him. Later, Kaurwaki meets her father. He is alright. He praised Ashok for take a good care on him. He advises her to live with him.

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Devi plots against Kaurwaki

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