Pracchand Ashok 29th March 2024 Written Update: Ashok punished Susheem and Diana

Pracchand Ashok 29th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashok asking Dharma if she see Kaurwaki? He searched for her in the palace. She isn’t here. Dharma says that she chose her path. Dharma recalls the way, Kaurwaki met Dharma and inform her she is going back to Kaling. Dharma says that she is her daughter-in-law. She asks her father to make her understand it. He says that she isn’t understanding his words. She stays stubborn. Dharma says that Kaurwaki is Ashok’s wife. Kaurwaki says that she doesn’t want it. She belongs to Kaling. Her destiny brings her here. Dharma says to Ashok that Kaurwaki going back to Kaling using the jungle way. Anandi says that it’s dangerous to go there. But Ashok isn’t scared of any danger. Ashok says to Dharma and Anandi that he love them a lot. He hugs them. Anandi says that Kaurwaki brought love here. He is also changed after it.

Susheem planning to kill Ashok. Devi comes there. She asks them to add her in their plan. She was changed. She needs revenge too. Susheem says that they won’t add her in their plan. He already witnessed her love for Ashok. She ruined their many plan for Ashok. They will do everything alone. Devi says that Ashok doesn’t deserve her love. Kaurwaki snatched her love from her. She wanted to kill both of them. She gives the gold coins to them. She asks them to reveal their plan with her. Meanwhile, Kaurwaki notices someone blocking their way. Ashok asks Kaurwaki’s father. Where he is taking his wife? She is daughters-in-law of Magad. He says that he isn’t taking her anywhere. She was forcing him to accompany her. Ashok says that she is abducting him. He is going to punish her. He gives send off to his father-in-law. Kaurwaki asks him to leave her hand. He says that he is her husband.

Ashok asks her why did she saved him? Kaurwaki says that she didn’t saved him. She hates him. Ashok tells her that she loves him like the way he do. Kaurwaki denied it. Ashok says that Chanakya revealed the truth to him. Kaurwaki helped him to unite with his father. She brought his mom’s rights back to her. She saved his life manytimes. If she saying it’s not love. Kaurwaki says that she don’t love him. He asks her to say it seeing his eyes. She denies it. He says that she brings love in his heart. Kaurwaki says that he is Devi’s love. He is her husband. She is loving him a lot. He tried to get close with her. Devi comes there. Kaurwaki tells her she misunderstood something. She alerts him that enemies surrounding them. She asks him to kill them. Ashok fights with them. Ashok says to Devi that she saved him. Devi says that she can’t force him to love her. Whatever she tried to separate them, true love will unite them. Ashok says that Devi give Kaurwaki to him. She hugs him and expressed her love for him.

Ashok becomes the king of Magad. He announced Dharma as rajmatha. Kaurwaki as his first wife. Chanakya revealed to them that Susheem, Helena and Diana tried to kill him. How he is going to punish them. They pleads with him to leave them. Ashok ordered to kill them for betraying him. Chanakya says that Ashok will rule this kingdom along with Kaurwaki. Their love story will create a history.

The end

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