Pracchand Ashok 9th February 2024 Written Update: Ashok smells something fishy

Pracchand Ashok 9th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaurwaki meeting the people waiting for her. A lady asks Kaurwaki to bless her daughter. She wants to become bold, beauty and lovely person like Princess Kaurwaki. She meets all the new mom and blessed them. Her servants are teasing Kaurwaki using her future husband. Chachi says to her husband that Kaurwaki meeting the people like she is the Goddess. He says that he want to get rid of Kaurwaki asap. His son says that he has a plan. He takes him to meet Maharaj. He tells him that Maling is in danger. Our palace doesn’t has enough wealth in their hands. We have many enemies. We have to win Ashok from Magad. He asks him to meet Bindusaraa. He has an plan. He is going to invite them for a swayamvar. Vidyush tells him that he doesn’t has a daughter. But he is going to take revenge on them for the humiliations he faced. He asks them to support him.


Dharma gets emotional seeing Ashok. She says to him that she doesn’t want to stay here. Let’s leave far from this place. Ashok says that she can go far from this place but not from her. He hugs her and says that we have to stay here. Few soldiers comes to meet Ashok. Bhavan asks Ashok why are they here? Ashok says that he has no idea. He has to accompany them. Dharna stops him. He says that he will come back. Meanwhile, Samandu informs Bindusara that Vidhyush invited Magad’s prince to attend the swayamvaram. He thinks it’s a trap because Ashok killed his army recently. How will he invite them. Susheel comes there and says that it’s wrong. He invited them to attend this swayamvaram because those princess may fall in love with him. He is the strongest prince in Magad. No one can beat him. He has to attend this. Ashok and Bhavan makes fun of him. Diana admires him. Helena says that a fool is happy to see another fool self praising him. She know the truth at least.

Bindusaraa asks Chanakya to say his decision. He leaves from there without answering him. Susheel manages to convince him. He mentioned about Ashok. He says that he killed his army so it’s not good to attend it. Later, Daima is asking Kaurwaki to choose yer new dress to attend the swayamvaram. Her chachi says that she can wear the old one. What’s the need to buy new one. Daima asks Bhadra to wear the old clothes. Even Kaurwaki is in her swayamvaram age. Chachi manages to convince Kaurwaki. She agrees to wear the old clothes. Meanwhile, Susheel is practicing sword. His brothers are praising him. Susheel says that all the girls will fall for him in the swayamvaram. He says that Ashok isn’t attending it so it’s possible. Susheel glares at them. He notices Ashok there. He intentionally brings a father and son bond topic to insult Ashok. Ashok gets angry when Diana says that Bindusaara always worried about his three son.

Bindusaraa appreciates Susheel. Susheel assures him that he will win the game. He won’t ruin his name. He asks him about Ashok. Susheel says that he invited him but he refuses to attend it. He takes Bindusaraa blessing and leaves. Later, Chanakya says to Ashok that he thinks it’s a trap. Only Ashok can stop it. Susheel won’t accept it. Ashok tells him that he has a plan. Chanakya asks him what’s that. Ashok says that they shouldn’t reveal the plan it’s Chanakya’s rules. Chanakya appreciates him.

Episode end

Ashok meets Kaurwaki

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