Pracchand Ashok: Devi will feel jealous to see Kaurwaki with Ashok?

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Pracchand Ashok is a newly launched show in Colors TV. Pracchand Ashok recounts the tale of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, two legends who are as different as day and night. Ashok, whose thirst for power and yearning for affection collide. Will Ashok find his true love in princess Kaurwaki?

In the previous episode we saw; Kaurwaki notice the enemies surrounded Bindusaraa. She diverted them. She fights with the soldiers and save his life. Devi scold Kaurwaki for returned to Magad. She complaints that she send her from there after lots of risk. It seems she is loving Ashok. That is why she returned to Magad.
Kaurwaki disappointed with her.

Bindusaraa say to Kaurwaki that she saved his life. He says that she can ask him anything. Kaurwaki says that she don’t need anything. She asks him to return Dharma’s rights to her. She ask him to give queen rights to her. She said to him that she accused Ashok for someone’s mistake. She was in guilty. Ashok confronted Kaurwaki..

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Kaurwaki will misunderstand that Ashok abducted her father. Chanakya will reveal the truth to her. Later, Ashok and Kaurwaki argues with each other. Devi will feel jealous to see them together.

What will happen next? Will Chanakya expose Helena? When will Bindusaara find out the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tune with our space for more updates