Pragati and Raghbir to spend some quality moment in Bepanah Pyaar

Colors popular show Bepannah Pyaar is finally going to see some light-hearted moments between Pragati and Raghbir and the upcoming episodes of the daily. The romantic love story of Raghbir and Bani comes to a shocking and post the latter’s death and Pragati who is a simple employee of him is made into his wife to look after him. Whereas, Pragati is aware of the fact that Raghbir still heads over heels in love with Bani is currently out to seek the truth of Bani’s death. The quest for her is leading to new discoveries about the family.

In the previous episode, Sanket who has some evidence about the killer got hit by a car in front of Pragati and died. On the other hand, on the arrival of Badi ma and her request to see his wife push Raghbir to bring back Pragati in house. Pragati is also heartbroken to realize Raghbir is still engrossed in drinking but then control herself from getting involved so much in it.

In tonight’s episode, there are so many shocking events take place in the lives of Pragati. Pragati will find out the Shanti is still alive and the death news was a rumor. Here Prashant warns Pragati to be more cautious while meeting him while on the other hand, Aditi develops a doubt in her mind about Pragati. Post she sees her bangles in the hospital, she is being suspicious about Pragati’s whereabouts.


Meanwhile, Raghbir will praise Pragati in front of Badi ma which left Pragati in awe of him. Later both of them spent some quality moments with each other. Pragati will help Raghbir to get sleep at night. Later the entire family comes to a shock when they discover a shocking shadow in the house. Later it is turned out to be none other than Bani. For more information keep a close eye on our site.