Pragati attempts suicide!: Bepanah Pyaar

Show Bepanah Pyaar is gearing up for high voltage drama. Pragati will attempt suicide after Raghbir will accuse her for betraying him.

So far in the show it is seen, Raghbir gets angry on himself and Pragati after he learned that Pragati is Bani. Pragati’s lie separated Praghbir after Raghbir break all the ties with her.

Pragati found the shelter at Sahas’s house. There, Raghbir can’t get over from the Pragati’s betrayal and started consuming alcohol that affected his live. Raghbir’s health worsen and later, doctor revealed to Malhotra’s that Raghbir’s liver needs to be transplanted else he will die. Pragati worries for Raghbir and decides to give her liver to Raghbir. Other side, Kunti too decides to donate her liver to Raghbir to win his faith. Harshit praises Kunti for her flawless acting.

Further, Raghbir gets well and comes back home. He cries after learning that Kunti donated liver to her. Now in the upcoming episode will see Pragati will come to meet Raghbir and will once again throw her out from the house.

Raghbir will accuse Pragati and will ask her to leave the house. Pragati will say it is her house and family too. Raghbir will call her cheater and will say she don’t deserve any place at his house. Later on, Nakul, Shefali and Priya too will call Pragati a cheater and will break all the ties with her. Devastated Pragati will decide to end her life and will jump down from the cliff.

Do Pragati will die? Well, we all know nothing is going to happen to her and now it will be interesting to watch how Pragati will win back Raghbir. Keep watching Bepanah Pyaar mon-fri on colors tv.

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