Pragati decides to unmask Kunti’s real face: Bepanah Pyaar

High voltage drama is going on in Colors show Bepanah Pyaar.

Pragati was thinking that Raghbir deliberately killed Bani and enters his life to expose his real face in front of the world. But with the time she learned that not Raghbir but someone else had tried to kill Bani. Pragati decides to find the real culprit and in her mission she lost Prashant and Sanket. Ahead, Gulshan was attacked too. Here, Mask man unveils himself as Harshit and Harshit’s boss instructs him to kill Pragati.

Now recently, Pragati gets a shocker of her life when Kunti unveiled herself, as Bani’s real culprit. Pragati and Raghbir playing hide and seek. Pragati to hide herself from Raghbir goes inside storeroom. There, Kunti comes to meet mask person. She confesses that she wanted to kill Raghbir but they ended up killing Bani. Pragati stands shocked and decide to unveil Kunit’s evil side in front of Raghbir.

Pragati sees Raghbir’s and Kunti bonds and thinks the man who loves Kunti so much, she is looking for a chance to harm him.

Now in the upcoming episode Kunti will fake supporting Pragati in front of Malhotra’s.

At Priya and Dev’s roka ceremony, Pragati will give gift to Dev. Aditi will ask Dev to open Pragati’s gift. Dev will open the gift and will see nothing inside. Afterwards, Kunti will threaten to kill anyone who will try to hurt Pragati, the latter begins to feel that the former has two sides. Meanwhile, Raghbir will reminisce about his date with Pragati.

Do Pragati will be able to unmask Kunti’s real face in front of everyone? What Pragati will do next to avenge Kunti for killing Bani, and how she will save Raghbir from Kunti will be interesting to watch. For more entertainment, keep watching the show mon-fri on colors tv.

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