Pragati funeral invite to bring twist in Bepanah Pyaar!

Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar is leaving no chance unturned to hook the audiences to the seat. After Pragati Bani’s truth is out, next Pragati death news to bring twist in the show.

Currently in the show Raghbir unveils Pragati’s lie in front of Malhotra’s. Raghbir comes back home and gets to know that Kunti has given her liver to him to save his life. Raghbir gets emotional and apologizes for hurting his family. Here,  Pragati comes back home and ask apology from Raghbir and ask him to give her one chance to fix the things but Raghbir refuses to listen to Pragati. He tells to Pragati that she is Bani and was fooling him. Malhotra’s gets upset with Pragati and breaks all the ties with her. Raghbir drags Pragati and throws her out from the house. Pragati pleads in front of Raghbir but he gets adamant and asks her to leave.

Devastated Pragati decides to end her life and jumps off from the cliff recalling Raghbir’s harsh words. Afterwards, Raghbir gets a call and man from other side tells him about Pragati’s death and asks him to come for figuring out the body. Raghbir stands shocked.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Raghbir will feel guilty for mistreating Pragati.

After learning about Pragati’s death, Raghbir will come home and will feel dejected and guilty for mistreating Pragati. There Kunti is annoyed as Pragati is still alive. Later, Raghbir will cry bitterly after getting an invite to Pragati’s funeral.

Do Pragati is dead or still alive, well keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors TV to find out the answer.

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