Pragati returns back to surprise Raghbir: Bepanah Pyaar

Drama to galore in Bepanah Pyaar.

In the colors show Bepanah next will see Pragati will return back.

Last we reported, after Raghbir accuses Pragati and throws her out from the house. Devastated Pragati decides to end her life. Pragati ask forgiveness from Raghbir and Malhotra’s but everyone breaks all the ties with Pragati and asks her to leave their house. Pragati goes to the cliff and jumps down from there. Raghbir gets Pragati’s death news and he gets shocked hearing. He recalls the way he treated Pragati and goes numbs and regret his act. Kunti, Devraj and others ask Raghbir to response and tell him that Pragati is no more. Raghbir refuses to believe and later, Malhotra’s call him to do Pragati’s last ritual.

Raghbir cries bitterly after getting an invite to Pragati’s funeral. He tries to blow off the fire and burns his hand. And now in the upcoming sequence will see, Pragati will make her shocking entry.

Pragati will reveal that she could bnot commit suicide, as she had to save Raghbir while Raghbir wil lose his mind on seeing her alive and will perform her last rituals out of anger.

What more twists and turns will come in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Raghbir will ever forgive Pragati? What Pragati will do to win back Raghbir’s trust? Do Pragati will be able to expose Kunti? Do Raghbir will believe Pragati? For all the answers keep watching the show, mon-fri on colors tv.

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