November 14, 2019
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Pragati to save Raghbir from Sukanya’s trap: Bepanah Pyaar

Next in Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar Pragati will gear up to stop Raghbir’s marriage with Sukanya.

So far in the episodes, Pragati gets ready to marry Sanket. She doubts him and takes off groom’s veil. She finds Sanket but later his uncle swaps the groom. He comes in veil and sits for the wedding rituals to complete.

Pragati finds out its Sanket’s uncle. Her father fights with him and someone locks Pragati in room. She learns a shocking truth later. Pragati finds someone else photo with Sukanya instead of Raghbir and thinks Sukanya is lying. She concludes Sukanya edited pics with Raghbir to take revenge from Raghbir.

Pragati gears up to help Ragbhir from Sukanya’s trap.

In the upcoming episode Pragati will hit Prashant and will run from his trap. She will straight go to Raghbir’s house to tell him Sukanya’s truth. Meanwhile, Raghbir will imagine Bani as her bride instead of Sukanya. Later, Pragati will reach Rahbir’s wedding venue. She will come to know that Sukanya is in washroom and will lock her there.

What next happens in Bepanah Pyaar will be interesting to watch. Till now Raghbir is still not over from Bani’s memory and sees her everywhere. He recalls all his past moments with Bani and finds it difficult to move on but as per the new promo Pragati will fall in love with him. But do Raghbir will feel the same for her?

As per the promo Pragati will fall in love with Raghbir. She will decide to fill Bani’s place in Raghbir’s life. But do Raghbir will welcome her in his life? Well, time will only tell. To know more keep watching Bepanah Pyaar, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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