Pragati’s suspicion on Raghbir grows deeper| Bepanah Pyaar

Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar will witness dramatic twist ahead.

Pragati is searching for Bani’s culprit and to her shock she ends up getting proves against Raghbir. She finds the hand gloves which belongs to Raghbir and gets stunned, as it was the same gloves which she has seen in the mirror where a person was cutting down the wood where Bani was standing.

Pragtai gets adamant to find the truth. She takes out the key which she has found from the dark room and checks in the house for the lock. Pragati finds a locker and gets happy that now she will reveal the truth but when she checks the pouch the key was nowhere. She gets irked and thinks Raghbir has smartly swiped away the keys. Thus, Pragati decides to confront Raghbir and searches for him.

Now in the upcoming episode, will see Pragati will find the key in Raghbir’s drawer.

Pragati will be shocked to find the key in Raghbir’s drawer and her suspicion grows deeper. Later, when Raghbir will wake up and sees Pragati, he will ask her what she is doing. Otherside, Sanket will get to know that Sukanya is the hoddy person who keeps an eye on Pragati. Later, he out of tension will disclose that he is keeping eye on Pragati for Bani’s sake which will shock Sukanya.

Do Pragati will confront Raghbir or she will keep the secret with her? Do Raghbir is the real culprit or someone is framing him so that Pragati doubts on Raghbir. What is Sukanya’s motive, well for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri at 10pm only on Colors TV.

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