Pratik Sehajpal is entertaining as Rudra: Naagin 6

Pratik Sehajpal is paired opposite to Tejasswi Pakash in Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 6. He is playing ‘Rudra’ in the show. Pratik and Tejasswi’s chemistry kicked audience. Tejasswi is also sharing screen with Simba Nagal. The actress is killing with both the hunks. Tejasswi, Pratik and Simba shared the Bigg Boss 15 platform.

Tejasswi lifted the seasons trophy while, Pratik was first runner up. Bigg Boss fans always wanted to see Pratik and Tejasswi together. Their wish was fulfilled by ace producer and TV queen Ekta Kapoor and how. Pratik and Tejasswi in Naagin 6 is an exciting encounter. As Rudra and Prarthna both will surely earn separate fan base.

Pratik is playing Tejasswi’s love interest in the show. The show took generation leap. Simba’s character jumped with the leap. He is playing a role of a father. Simba as Rishab is doing amazing. He also played Shakti in the show. Shakti character met an end. Simba as Shakti earned separate fan base.

Coming back to Pratik, actor is thankful to Ekta Kapoor for giving him an opportunity in a supernatural series. In a long instagram post, Sehajpal wrote “Thank you @ektarkapoor ma’am for making my dream come true . My mother and my entire family is so grateful to you for this .
Being an outsider with no industry background and this being my first ever television show, I’m genuinely super grateful to you ma’am . God bless you infinitely and with more and more and more and more and more . Thank you for everything ! ❤️
My mother and sister who’ve supported me through everything and my entire family being there for me . It’s an emotional moment for me right now therefore the long post! And thank you #PratikFam for all the love and support, YOU COMPLETE ME! 🙏🏼
And I want to say to everyone, DREAMS COME TRUE IF BELIEVE IN THEM!
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So far Pratik is impressing as Rudra. Show will spice up and will intensify when Rudra and Prathna’s love story will kick start.

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