PreeRan Fan Fiction: The way you are| Chapter – 25

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan wished Preeta happy valentine's day

Recap( Rishab planned to bring Karan and Preetha together. Karan kissed Preetha accidentally. Preetha teased Karan)

Scene begins with Rishab asks Karan to get ready soon function will start in few minutes. Karan lost in his thoughts. Rishab pinches him to bring him back to earth. Karan winces in pain and complaints its hurts. Rishab asks him to stop dreaming about Preetha and go to fresh up. Karan doubts how come he know he is thinking about Preetha? Karan throws the pillow at him and complaint nothing like that he is over imagine. Rishab thinks what a white lie. He gives a fake smile and asks him to get ready before function start. Karan nods and goes to fresh up. Both gets ready and comes down. Sarla and Shekhar are welcoming the guest. Mahesh talking with someone in phone. Grandy comes there and asks him to welcome the guest along with them. Mahesh nods and takes Karan with him and introduces him to other relatives. Karan praises Sarla is looking beautiful in that dress. She gives the credits to his selection. Grandy complaints that he is not saying anything about her dress. Karan kissed on her cheek and comments she is always beautiful. How about me? Everyone attention turns towards that person? Mahira is standing there giving surprise to Karan and Rishab. How comes she is here Karan questions Rishab? No idea he replies to him. Both are giving weird expression to them. Mahesh comes there and says to all he invited Mahira here when she enquired about Karan where about? Karan gives a fake smile to his dad meanwhile Rishab thinks he invited a third wheel in Karan’s love story. Mahira holds Karan hands and asks to him why didn’t he invited her personally? Karan says to her its not his parents wedding anniversary to invite her. Mahira comments he invited Rishab! Karan says to her Preetha invited him here nor him. Mahira gets irritate to hear one girl name from his mouth. She questions him who is Preetha?

Rishab comments Karan’s would be. Mahira question him what? He tells her he is teasing her she is his childhood best friend. Mahira holds Karan hands tighter and says she is close to him then others. Karan gives a fake smile and tries to remove her hand from him but fails. Preetha is here Grandy comments. Everyone surprises to see Preetha in sarie and she is looking gorgeous in that. Karan lost in her beautiful look. Her heavenly smile creating his heart raises it’s beat. He can’t able to remove his eyes from her. Mahira notices Karan staring Preetha with open mouth. She dislikes the way he is staring her she tries her best to divert him but fails miserably. Preetha greets the relatives and walks near Karan. Karan smiling unknowingly and keeping an eye contact with her. Preetha also smiles seeing him but soon her smile vanished seeing Mahira holding Karan’s hand and clinging with him. She takes away her stares from him and talks with Grandy to hides her unhappiness. Grandy praises her beauty even Rishab too but nothing giving happiness to her. Rishab asks Karan to say how is Preetha looking in this sarie? Preetha bends her head down not able to see him. Karan tells her she is heavenly beautiful today. Preetha gives a fake smile to him while staring at his hand. Rishab notices this and pulls Mahira to his side forcefully and introduces Mahira to Preetha. They greets each other fakely. Rishab says she is his friend and like a half sister to Karan. Preetha face brighten hearing it. Karan is still staring Preetha and stands there silent. Mahira gets angry to hear it and questions him how dare he to mention her as Karan sister? Rishab questions her why is she getting so angry? How will he introduces her to her then? Rishab says it clearly to assures Preetha that Neither Mahira is not his relative nor Karan’s lover. You both are just friends. If you have doubts she can clarify it with Karan. Hearing this Preetha gets happy and smiles back to Karan. Mahira kicks on Rishab feels and walks away.

Preetha questions Karan how is she looking while raising her eyebrow? Karan shows heart shape signal to her makes her surprise. Preetha blushes and beat him little. Rishab notices Mahira coming near them to ruin the atmosphere. So he rushes near her and takes her to stage. He announces in front of all Mahira is his friend she likes to dance here for Sarla and Shekhar. Everyone claps for her. Mahira glares Rishab. Rishab says to her that Karan wishes to see her dancing. Hearing his name Mahira nods to dance. He plays a fast song she starts dancing there but slips down because of her high heals. Everyone laughs at her. Mahira glares Preetha and Rishab for laughing at her and gets jealous to see Karan also clinging with Preetha.

Screen froze.

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