PreeRan fan fiction: The way you are| Chapter – 31

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan wished Preeta happy valentine's day

Scene begins with Karan reaches to home. Mahesh questions him why did he came back earlier? He thought he will stay in village for one month at least. Karan lies to him that he wanna meet his friend for business purpose that’s why he left that place. He enters into his room and locks it. He throws the bag down and thinks why is his life end up like this? Why he can’t able to cherish the love in his life? Why is god always snatching his happiness from him? He can’t even accept his love of his life? Neither he can propose her not she won’t accept him after learning his bitter past. His past is always killing him? What did he done wrong? He didn’t hurted anyone intentionally yet though he is suffering every minutes because of Past. He regrets for doing like that. After this much happened also how comes he fall for Preetha? Doesn’t he know happiness is not pregnant in his life? He takes out Preetha’s diary and kisses it. He reminds what actually happened there?


Karan waiting to here Is Preetha loving anyone or not? Mahira mentions Karan is in her heart creating Raising his heart beats. Karan has an amazing smile in his lips. His happiness having no bounds. He forget the world for a second and jumps in happiness holding Mahira’s hand. Mahira gets irritate to see it. She questions him Is he living her too? He questions her how come she know Preetha loving him ignoring her questions? She replies to him she read it through her diary. Karan questions her how dare she to read others diary? Doesn’t she has shame to do this? Mahira has no answer to this question of her. Mahira asks him to understand what’s she trying to say here? Is he love Preetha? Karan blushes and nods to her. She questions him Is he confess his love to her yet? She questions him it filling her heart thoroughly with poison. He nods negatively. He tells her that he will express his love on her on his birthday. Mahira questions him will reveal his past to her? Karan face turns dull hearing it? Past? His lips starts vibrates in nervous. Mahira questions him will he hide his past from Preetha? What if she learnt about the truth after marriage? Will she forgive him? Not at all. Seeing Preetha’s nature she won’t forgive him for the deeds he done in past. She is a sensitive girl so she can’t able to bear this all. What If she rejects his love after learning the truth?

Mahira pretends like consoling him and tells him don’t he wanna see Preetha leading a happy life? Karan nods in tears. Mahira asks him to leave far from Preetha’s beautiful life then only she can able to lead a happy life here in this village. Karan questions her what if Preetha accepts his with his past? Mahira emotionally blocks him by saying even Shekhar can’t able to live without seeing his daughter for one day. What if Preetha commit suicide after knowing his past. Karan shouts to stop her. He sits down panic he says that Preetha wanna live long happily. He can’t able to see her suffering in her life. He is ready to leave far from here to make her happy. He decides to leave from there hiding his feelings inside. He packed his things and came out. He intenotionally hides his emotions and left from there lying to all.

Karan holds her diary and starts reading the way Preetha felt for him. Pushing his tears away smile appeared in his lips after understanding her heart. He thinks he would have been lucky if he married to Preetha. He thinks that soon she will forget him and the love on him after she meet an good person in her life. But he will treasure the love for her till he closes his eyes. He will go to any extreme to save her from all evils. He wishes to see her happiness. Meanwhile Mahira is celebrating her victory with dance and drinks.

Screen froze

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